antique Painted Furniture

Antique Painted Furniture

Have you ever considered buying antique oil scumbled painted finishes? In the past, these pieces were often seen as the more affordable option in the market. However, times have changed, and now finding one in its original condition is a rare treasure.

What Makes Antique Oil Scumbled Painted Finishes Special?

Antique oil scumbled painted finishes have a unique charm that sets them apart from other pieces.

When looking for antique furniture with original oil scumbled finishes, there are a few key indicators to keep in mind.  Look for pieces with as much original paint intact as possible, subtle variations in colour and texture, as well as signs of wear that are consistent with the age of the piece. Additionally, authentic finishes will often have a depth and richness with wear that is difficult to replicate.

Why Are They Becoming Rare?

As trends in interior design evolve, the demand for antique oil scumbled painted finishes has increased. This increase in popularity has led to a decrease in the availability of pieces that have survived in their original condition, many have been stripped of their original paint. Collectors and enthusiasts now value these pieces for their authenticity, originality and that they add a charm that is not found in other types of furniture.

Where to Find Authentic Antique Oil Scumbled Painted Finishes

If you're on the hunt for authentic antique oil scumbled painted finishes, it's essential to look around. Look for reputable dealers or auctions that specialise in antique furniture. Keep an eye out for pieces that show signs of age and wear, as these are often indicators of authenticity.  Or come and see us we occasionally have the odd lovely piece.

Remember, patience is key when searching for these rare treasures. Take your time to find the perfect piece that speaks to you and fits seamlessly into your home decor.

Buying antique oil scumbled painted finishes may no longer be the cheaper end of the market, but the beauty and history they bring to your space make them a worthwhile investment. Embrace the rarity of these pieces and enjoy the unique character they add to your home.

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